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April 26 2018

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April 23 2018

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Shane being in total awe of the story of the local woman who supposedly fought/wrestled with the Mothman was pretty much the best

April 22 2018

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This adorable little robot is designed to make sure its photosynthesising passenger is well taken care of. It moves towards brighter light if it needs, or hides in the shade to keep cool. When in the light, it rotates to make sure the plant gets plenty of light. It even likes to play with humans.

Oh, and apparently, it gets antsy when it’s thirsty.

The robot is actually an art project called “Sharing Human Technology with Plants” by a roboticist named Sun Tianqi. It’s made from a modified version of a Vincross HEXA robot, and in his own words, it’s purpose is “to explore the relationship between living beings and robots.”

I don’t care if it’s silly. I want one.

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Had to make some moodboards for my final thesis presentation & packet, figured I may as well drop them here too =u=/

April 21 2018

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here’s a pile of puppys for anyone having a bad day

vertical version on my twitter if you want a new phone bg

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Kriko Jabotian spring 2018 couture part 2

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Get you a man who can do both

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April 20 2018

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Inspired by flowers (Olga Malyarova)


i love when i’m being irrational and know damn well i’m being irrational and i’m just trapped internally begging myself to calm down while an inappropriate level of emotions tears its way out of me


my kink is melodramatic declarations of love from 19th century novels

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