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May 23 2018


why would i fuck a demon? simple, the status. imagine rolling up into hell already havin had ur back blown out by one of their own. imagine you and a gang of other losers standin at the gates of hell, they’re all crying, scared to death about having a pitchfork up their ass for eternity and you just walk into the arms of your sugar demon? legendary.

May 17 2018

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Hinata Hyūga in Haider Ackermann


In my defence, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised.

May 16 2018

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May 14 2018

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Old but nice sketch I just finished.

What’s happening here? Is it a vampire? Hades and Persephone? Are they kissing, or is he biting her? No one knows… it’s up to you

Life goals if I’m honest

May 13 2018


“You are brutal thing made of flowers. This means you will survive everything whilst staying soft.”

— Nikita Gill 

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May 12 2018

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Zendaya at the 2018 MET Gala

May 11 2018


I was out with a bunch of people this weekend and this guy suddenly went “man I miss my wife” and went home. like…I want that

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“ New canvas MOira2 22 .jpg ”

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Dolce & Gabbana S/S18 RTW

May 10 2018

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Ya girl is still alive and kicking on Instagram @ thebuzzonhoneybee

Since the mun has Graduated (YAASSSS LORD I’M FREE!!!!) and is going to Thailand for a month she’ll probably be more active there. 😗😗 So what did we miss??

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Get you a man like this


Kyouya Ootori

Reblog if you agree

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tonights Mood

May 06 2018

How to help your artists - The circle of influence.





So over the past 10-15 years, as I’ve been trying to branch out, grow a following and sell commissions, there’s one phrase I’ve heard more than any other.

“I’d love to support you, but I have no money.”

And you know, I get that. I understand. I don’t have any either. But here’s the secret. The most powerful and useful thing you can do to support an artist? It doesn’t cost a penny. Reblog their posts, signal boost their commissions, advertise their patreon./
If you have commissioned them, or do support their patreon? Write a review, tell your friends, share their links. Keep circulating the tapes.

Every post is an artist laying themselves bare before you. You have the power to make them into somebody. You can make them into a big name, you can help bring them an income. All you have to do is share.

Here’s a handy infographic.

If artists get only likes, they never get any exposure. They find no followers, they make no money, and feel worthless.

But with reblogs, who knows how far they could reach? New people could see their work and follow them, and maybe one person will spot that commissions post or patreon promo, and maybe offer to help support them. And it didn’t even cost those followers a penny to reblog the post.

So please, anyone out there. If you enjoy an artist’s work and can’t afford to give any monetary support, you can give them something more powerful. A voice.

And authors, too. Please reblog and share author commissions!

To use the first 200 reblogs of this post as an example: 

That orange dot is OP! Look at how far those first few reblogs spread this post! 

Can I also add!!!!!!

This doesn’t work if you repost art.

Especially when you remove the credit, you break the web of connections. Only only only ever repost an artist’s context if you have ALREADY asked them and they have ALREADY given EXPLICIT permission

April 27 2018

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April 26 2018

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Balmain Fall 2018 Runway Details

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